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SecureXFlow Hospitals/Clinics


Q: Does SecureXFlow support various dictating options like Toll-Free, Digital Voice Recoder (DVR), etc.?

A: Yes, SecureXFlow offers three options to dictate or for voice capture. You can use a Smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, etc.), a Digital Voice recorder or a Toll free telephone system to dictate.


Q: Can your system interface with any EMR?

A: Many of our customers have implemented EMRs in the last ten years. And, we have successfully interfaced ( or integrated) with most popular EMRs in the marketplace. Examples of EMRs and interfaces we have implemented are: NexTGen, GE Centricity, SRS, Medent, Success EHS, etc.


Q: Can your system manage in-house and outside transcription resources with one integrated system?

A: Yes. SecureXFlow workflow can be set up so that the overflow work can be outsourced and you can manage your in-house staff through one window. We encourage hospitals to use this approach. Any customer can use a fully-outsourced solution or use SecureXFlow only for some of the in-house MTs, and outsource rest of the work.


Q: What is your archival policy?

A: Voice files are available online for fifteen days and transcribed reports are available and searchable for one year. Reports older than one year are archived for a period of five years. These reports can be obtained within 24 hours of request. Customized archival solutions are available too. Ask for details.


Q: What is your downtime commitment?

A: SecureXFlow is developed on Cloud-based technology. SecureXFlow servers are hosted at a Tier 1 Data Center that delivers 99.99% uptime.


Q: Is the system accessible anywhere, anytime?

A: Yes. SecureXFlow is a web-based software suite that requires no hardware or software to be installed. All you need is a PC with Internet Explorer Version 7.0 or higher and a broadband Internet connection.


Q: Is your application HIPAA compliant?

A: We have been in business for about fifteen years and take HIPAA seriously. We have a HIPAA policy and a HIPAA officer who keeps track of changes in the industry and ensures all transactions are HIPAA-compliant. To know more on our HIPAA policy please visit


Q: How do doctors/dictators receive their digital documents from SecureXFlow platform?

A: There are multiple ways how a doctor can receive his document. SecureXFlow can securely transmit document by e-mail, fax or download as a MS Word document. Documents can also be sent to customers via an HL7/XML interface. Documents are also available online and can be printed too with just a few clicks.


Q: Does each doctor have to upload and download his/her own files?

A: No, it is not necessary for each doctor to upload his/her files. An Office Manager (OM) or Administrator affiliated with the practice can be given necessary privileges to do so.





Q: Do I have to create all of my accounts and users on SecureXFlow?

A: We typically recommend we set up a customer's accounts and users at the start. However, if a customer wants to do this activity on its own, that is an option too.


Q: Do I have to rely on your technical staff to set up the work pool?

A: No. MTSOs will have access to SecureXFlow Administrator Module to set up the work pool.


Q: Can my transcriptionists use SecureXFlow?

A: Yes, very much so. SecureMTClient the MT platform of SecureXFlow has unique features like Auto Demo, Auto Fax, easy sample search etc to improve MT productivity. Pricing of SecureXFlow includes usage of SecureMT Client.


Q: Do I have to bill my customers at 65 cpl ( characters per line)?

A: SecureXFlow has a customized billing option. You can configure each dictator in a unique way. SecureXFlow supports various billing methodologies like 65 CPL with or without spaces, VBC, reports, etc.


Q: Can I reduce the lines typed by MT without reducing the line count?

A: SecureXFlow allows you to set up Templates where standard text, Headers and Footers, Demographic Information are not counted for Payroll. You have the option of either including or excluding this in Customer Billing.



Q: How secure is Secure-Dox?

A: Secure-Dox works on 256 bit encryption and is fully HIPAA complaint. There are audit logs for all activities which can be accessed by the administrator.

Q: I have an existing Document Management system. How do I make sure those documents are transferred to your system when I start using your system?

A: As a matter of policy, we will work with any document management system and transfer customer data to a secure site or to our system. There are hundreds of document management system in use today, and, the technical details and compatibility between two document management systems can vary. More specific solution can be offered or worked out on a case-to-case basis.

Q: What happens to my paper charts in the office or charts lying in storage?

A: In the beginning, we recommend you keep those charts as they are and, go paperless with Secure-Dox only from the day you adopt Secure-Dox technology. We will help you find a scanning vendor and solution to get all your old charts into Secure-Dox within one year.

Q: Do I need a signed contract with Secure-Dox?

A: Yes you do. This is a HIPAA requirement too.

Q: How soon can I get started after signing up?

A: You can start as soon as two weeks. We would require to build an interface to ensure your patient scheduler software is integrated with Secure-Dox. We would also need to create and upload all the Forms used by your practice in Secure-Dox.

Q: How do you provide training and support?

A: Secure-Dox is fairly easy to learn. User friendly HelpGuides are available on line. Our Professional Support Team provides training to all new customers. Typical training lasts 60 minutes and you are good to go after that. Initial configuration is also done by our Professional Support Team. Technical questions are handled by HelpDesk team @ 1-866-510-1111 x 11. Please visit for more details on our Support Policy.

Q: What is your pricing?

A: Our pricing varies depending on the volume of data usage per month/per day. We are cost-effective and guarantee significant savings to all customers from day one.

Q: Can Secure-Dox print colored forms?

A: Secure-Dox has a special feature to take care of printing color forms as the forms can be configured to different trays in a network printer.

Q: How many users can Secure-Dox support?

A: Since Secure-Dox works on cloud computing technology there is no limitation on the number of users, however internet bandwidth in your practice can restrict the number of users.

Q: Does Secure-Dox support local printing?

A: With Secure-Dox you have the option of Local, Network as well as Label printing.

Q: Is there a limitation on the storage on Secure-Dox servers?

A: Using cloud computing technology means there is no limitation on storage. However, pricing could vary depending on your storage requirements.

Q: How can I see a demo of the product?

A: Yes, please call 866-510-1111 ext 14 to set up a demo.

Q: Does Secure-Dox supports all types of scheduler software?

A: Yes, we try to work with most scheduler software vendors products in the market place. Specifically, Secure-Dox supports standard protocols like HL7.

Q: Can I change my Forms and sheets anytime?

A: Yes, it is very easy and intuitive. We provide complete flexibility to the User and ASCs to add new Forms or complete Template at any time.It is recommended to speak with our Support Specialist whenever you have a new Form or Template to add.

Q: Do I need new hardware or software to purchase to use Secure-Dox?

A: No, Secure-Dox works on any browser, i.e. IE, Chrome, Safari, etc. We support Mac and Windows based hardware, and tablets ( IPad, Samsung, etc.) too.


Secure-Fax General

Q: I have an existing fax number that I have been using for years with a conventional fax machine. Can I switch to Secure-Fax without changing my existing fax number?

A: Yes, it can be done easily. All you have to do is to set up Call Forwarding from your existing Fax number to your new Secure-Fax number, and eliminate extra costs for hardware and paper.

Q: Will my faxes with Secure-Fax remain private and secure?

A: Online faxing is more always more secure than using a conventional fax machine shared by many people to send and receive faxes. With a Secure-Fax account, you have a unique username and password that allows you to Send or receive faxes on your PC. Our servers have close to a 99.99% uptime which means no busy signals and secure, encrypted delivery of your faxes.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?

A: No. There are no contractual obligations . You may sign up and cancel anytime.

Q: What equipment/software do I need to use Secure-Fax?

A: All you need is an internet enabled Windows PC. No additional software or equipment is required.

Q: How will faxing with Secure-Fax services benefit me?

A: There are multiple benefits of any Online Faxing solution. But Secure-Fax is unique since it builds a Workflow that is completely customizable for your practice. It can interface with your EMR as well. Some of the benefits include:
Mobility: Send and receive faxes by email anywhere you have Internet access.
Privacy: Faxes are delivered securely directly into your Secure-Fax account
Reliability: No more busy signals, paper jams or misplaced faxes.
Workflow: Edit, highlight, sign, comment and forward your faxes. Create stages and tasks on faxes for multiple users. All functions can be done online.
Savings: No more printing or receiving faxes in your fax machine. Avoid fax maintenance costs. Print when you want as all faxes are always archived on our server and are searchable.

Q: Will I get a dedicated fax number?

A: Yes. For every account you set up, you will get a dedicated Fax number.

Receiving faxes

Q: Does my computer have to be turned on to receive faxes?

A: No. All messages are stored in your account. When you login with a username and password provided, faxes can be viewed in your Inbox - just like any email software.

Q: Will I receive advertising or spam as a result of joining Secure-Fax?

A: No. We do not sell advertising space and we will not sell, lend or pass on your information to any third party.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of Faxes I can receive?

A: No, there is no limit.

Sending faxes

Q: What file formats can I send via Secure-Fax?

A: Secure-Fax supports most document formats including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Plain Text, RTF, TIFF , HTML, ASCII Files, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.

Q: Will anyone get a busy signal when attempting to send me a fax?

A: No, our fax service ensures that your customers will never receive a busy signal when faxing documents.

Q: Can I customize my cover sheet?

A: Yes, you can choose to have your own cover sheet or none.

Managing Faxes

Q: How can I annotate faxes that I receive?

A: You can use the annotation features like Name, DOB, Medical Record Number, etc. for a fax page(s) without the need for printing and scanning. It is fully customizable.

Q: Can I add notes to my faxes without printing?

A: Yes, you can add free text or notes to a fax online. There is standard text also available and you can use that as a default.

Q: Can I sign my faxes without printing?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I limit users to view faxes?

A: Yes, you can configure the users at any stage.

Q: Can I filter faxes based on the fax numbers?

A: Yes, faxes can be moved automatically based on the fax number to appropriate folders. This provides better document management. And folder names are customizable as well. For instance, folder names can be Labs, Invoices, etc.

Q: Can I create customized workflow?

A: Yes, you can customize the workflow that suits your organization.

Q: Can I search for my faxes?

A: Yes, you can not only search faxes by dates and fax number but also by tags that are created during configuration stage. Examples of tags are Invoice number, Vendor name, etc.