Remote Coding Service for ASC with Secure-Dox® and TruCode®
Coding for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) is challenging even for experienced coders. Outsourcing coding service can offer number of benefits to ASCs including saving both time and money, while providing more accurate coding. Our team of certified coders, all have 10+ years experience in coding for ASCs. Our coders experience and attention to detail ensures that there is no negative impact on your cash flows. ASCs are able to track progress of cases using our proprietary secure web-based workflow tool.

The Secure-Coder service from MedOfficePro, provides Coders with access to all the encoder references, operative reports, and any documents that are in the patient chart (only for customers using our Chart and Forms Management application - Secure-Dox) to ensure accurate and timely coding. Coders can scrub claims online and centers can manage any denials also online and easily.
Why ASCs should choose Secure-Coder?
We understand ASCs and service hundreds for centers at present, and have built a reputation for delivering superior services and software solutions in a cost effective manner. Here is how ASCs can benefit from Secure-Coder:
  • Streamlined comprehensive online workflow with TruCode and Secure-Dox integration.
  • Use your own in-house coders or outsource coding to our experienced coders. Our coders have 10+ years experience in coding for ASCs.
  • Manage your costs, efficiencies and ensure compliance with improved workflow.
  • Multiple reports with export option.
  • Amazing customer service.

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