No Software to Purchase and No Start-up Costs!
MedOfficePro provides an out sourced transcription service - Secure-Scribe for Surgery Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Hospitals and Group Practices in North America using a secure, Web-based platform with integrated voice, text and data. Secure-Scribe drives productivity and improves savings for clinicians across all medical practices. Secure-Scribe transcription is being used by thousands of doctors today and can be integrated with most EMRs and EHRs in use.

MedOfficePro'sSecure-Scribe transcription is part of a suite of services targeted at Surgery Centers, clinics and specialty practices. This comprehensive solution from MedOfficePro is a result of years of close partnership with the medical community to develop services that deliver efficiency, savings, and overall better practice management. The other services that complement Secure-Scribe include: Secure-Dox, Secure-Coder and Secure-Fax
Features and Benefits
Secure-Scribe transcription is a true pay-as-you-go service. There is no upfront cost to purchase software or any hardware.
  • Ability to access View, Print and Retrieve transcripts from any Internet-enabled PC. Clinicians can listen to reports online as well. NO SOFTWARE PURCHASE REQUIRED! Great tool for busy physician practices and surgery centers with multiple locations
  • Online customer support and troubleshooting - 24 x7 x 365. Friendly and professional support staff.
  • Electronic Signature and interface with EMRs. Integrating with any hospital or clinical EMR is easy and seamless for the customer. Our software and implementation team takes care of HL7 or any other interface protocol in use.
  • Automation – Ability to securely fax or email reports (if needed) to other providers and clinicians. Saves time and paper.
  • Holiday and weekend coverage ensures reliability during holiday season.
  • Data and system redundancy with 99.9% uptime. All transcripts are archived on redundant servers with tier 1 hosting companies to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Online tracking and audit tools to run reports/logs for transcripts that are not exported into EMR, unsuccessful faxes (faxes not sent by online faxing utility) and more.
Surgery Centers (ASCs)
MedOfficePro is a nationwide provider of transcription services and document management solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). We have been servicing ASC market for over a decade and understand their unique needs. Our customized solutions deliver superior documentation with features such as HIPAA-compliant web access and e-Signature, Free Faxing, better analytics and significant savings from start. We have partnered with leading ASC management companies nationwide servicing hundreds of surgeons and surgery practices.

Our web-based transcription solution Secure-Scribe is uniquely tailored to meet needs of surgery centers and here is why:
  • Guaranteed 20% Savings on your monthly transcription bill.
    In the past twelve months, many of our ASC customers have confirmed savings up to 40%.
  • Web-based Transcription and Management: View, Edit, e-Sign and Print Reports with just a few clicks. No software installation needed!
  • Flexible Turnaround Time: Guaranteed turnaround time of 12-24 hrs at no extra charge. Better Revenue Cycle management and happier providers! Dictate anytime Mon thru Fri and dictations are back next day before 8am!
  • Easy Transition: No change on your Toll-Free set up and PINs. Use your existing templates. Minimal training time keeps staff happy.
  • Distribution of Reports: Transcripts are accessible for Surgery Center staff as well as Doctors' Practices with their own unique Logins. No more faxing, calling or emailing reports!

Physicians' Offices and Medical Clinics
A physician practice typically employs few doctors and is always stretched for time. The steadily rising cost and complexity of healthcare in the US demand that medical record upkeep be efficient and cost-effective - even for relatively small practices. Physicians' offices need a transcription service that is easy to learn and use, reliable, and cost-effective, providing accurate reports with a turnaround time of 24 hours or less.

Secure-Scribe delivers an easy-to-use transcription service along with document archival capabilities and savings that are hard to ignore. MedOfficePro has worked with hundreds of satisfied physicians all across the country for over a decade
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Group Practices
Our transcription service to Group Practices with 5-50 providers or more, delivers seamless integration with existing EHRs in use. The requirements can vary significantly - based on size, specialty, etc. Larger Group Practices often require our software team to work closely with in-house IT staff to deliver a transcription service that complements the EHR in use. Our software integration team has worked for about fifteen years with leading EHR vendors that include GE Centricity, NextGen, Medent, Allscripts, SRS, SuccessEHS, Athena Clinical and ADS among others. We guarantee a seamless transition and minimal learning time for your staff, and provide customizable solutions driving productivity and better clinical document management. We can type directly into the EHR system through secure remote channels as well. Many clinics prefer this option as a dictated report goes directly into the EHR fields instead of a HL7/XML interface. This cost effective solution from MedOfficePro ensures high EHR adoption at the clinic and delivers savings too.
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MedofficePro's Secure-Scribe is a comprehensive solution as a result of years of close partnership with the medical community and delivers efficiency, savings and an overall better clinical document management.

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