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Q. Can I work full-time with E-Dictate as an employee from home?

A. Yes you can. Anytime you like to work with us as an HBA or HBE (Home based Employee), the choice is yours. For HBA the compensation information is as above. As an employee, our Production Manager will sit with you and work on an appropriate grade and compensation package for you. There are other formalities for a full-time employee, and HR manager can walk you through them as well. However, the employee option will be applicable only if there are vacancies.

Q. How do I get feedback and improve myself?

  Our SecureXFlow software makes feedback very easy. You can also check the comments from QA and compared your version with the final customer version of the document.

Q. Is there any minimum number of hrs you want from me?

. As an employee you definitely need to work full-time for E-Dictate. As a Home-Based Associate, after an initial probationary period (maximum 30 days), you have to work full-time with E-Dictate. Reliability is a basic requirement and key for your success. We appreciate honest and sincere candidates. If you cannot be reliable, E-Dictate may not be the right place for you. The time slot for HBA is 7 am to 3 pm.

Q. Will you support me online? Chat?

Yes, online support is available 24X7 for all HBAs and employees. For Production issues, you will be supported in the shift you choose to work. Also, you can use E-Dictate Resource Support System (ERSS) an online portal, anytime to communicate and raise any concern, HR matters, salary issues, etc. You can be assured of a timely response.

Q.  Will I get work always when I login?

A. It is important that you commit to a shift or a schedule with Production Manager once you are on board. This way, we can guarantee you work as per the agreed volume. Generally we do not encourage HBAs to work between 2 PM to 7 PM. Please think carefully before committing to a time slot.

Q. Do I have to be online to transcribe?

Yes you would need to be online throughout your shift.

Q: Do I need to have any software to work with E-Dictate?

No, we provide the software. E-Dictate will help and train you with setup and installation of the software. Our proprietary transcription software is packed with great features and productivity tools such as instant access to dictations, feedback with error tracking, detailed day-by-day payment schedules, knowledge portals, and online support. However, you will need latest editions of Stedman's online referencing software, electronic drug references, AAMT Book of Style, and updated spell checkers on your own.

Q: Will I get any help if I am stuck?

You can get online help 24X7. Further, you will be appointed a mentor in E-Dictate who will work with you to help you succeed. A Mentor will train you on things like making dictators direct, how to resolve issues with respect to difficult dictators, special customer requests, etc. The process is designed in such a way to make you direct as soon as possible, and, maximize your earnings.

Q: Is there any referral program? I wanted to refer some of my friends to your company.

Yes, you can earn upto Rs 8,000 per referral. Please contact HR for details. Certain conditions apply.

Q. Is there any contract or agreement?

Yes, we will provide a detailed Agreement for HBAs which includes critical aspects such as your deliverables on quality and quantity, our timely and accurate payment, performance indicators, round-the-clock technical support, confidentiality, and nondisclosure norms.

Q. What are the hardware requirements for HBA?

A. Minimum system requirements include:

Pentium 4 with 512 MB RAM
40 GB Hard disk
Sound Card
Foot pedal
Head phone with mic
UPS backup of minimum 3 hours
Minimum 512 Broadband Internet connection

We do not recommend dual boot system.

Q. What are the software requirements for HBA?

A. Operating system - Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (XP is recommended) or Windows 7 32/64 bit
Microsoft Office - Office 2003 with Service Pack 3 or Office 2007
Antivirus software such as NAV or comparable
Internet Explorer version 6.0 with cipher strength 128 bit
Stedman's Dictionary
Quick Look 99
Express Scribe

We recommend latest microsoft updates and antivirus software running on your pc

Q. Can I work without a footpedal/Can I use the keyboard for playing the audio?

A. Yes, if you are comfortable. However, footpedal is recommended.

Q. Where can I buy a footpedal?

A. You can contact HR for details of footpedal vendor.
(Prices could vary at point of purchase).

Q. Can I use any other player instead of Express Scribe?

A. Yes, if you are comfortable. However, Express Scribe is recommended. If you don't have then you can download from

Q. I do not have the Stedman's Dictionary/Quick Look/AAMT, what do I do?.

A. You will need to procure it from the market.

Q. How will jobs be allotted to me?

A. Jobs will be allotted to you based on your preferences. No job can be outstanding with you for more than 4 hours. If it is, it will be taken out by MT Support Center.

Q. What is MT Plus ID?

A. Initially your work will be evaluated by our auditor and once your quality is found to be client deliverable, you will be issued direct status (MTPlus ID). Once you achieve this status you will have the facility to either send files direct to client or send to QA for reviewing the entire document or just the blanks which you have.

Q. What is the fastest way to go direct?

A. This entirely depends on you. The more regularly you see your feedback and comments from your mentor, the more improvements you will make, and lesser will be the time you will take to give files with 100% accuracy.

Q. How to get the feedback for my indirect files?

A. Click on Compare in View Completed Jobs to see the verified copy along with transcribed copy. You can search by date also.

Q. When will I get my payment?

A. You will get your payment before the 6th day of every month for the previous month. E-Dictate deposits funds directly into your bank account. The only criteria being the bank should have internet banking.

Q. Will I get a Pay Slip every month?

A. Yes, within 5 days of transfer of payment.

Q. Will my payment be linked to quality? And how?

A. Yes, based on your quality performance, lines will be deducted from your monthly line count. Please see your HBA agreement for further details. Our quality department The Post Production Quality Audit will assess your quality.

Q. What is the quality audit standards followed in E-Dictate?

A. We follow the AAMT Book of Style Version 2. The errors are marked as Minor (0.25), Major (0.5), and Critical (2) and the error points will be calculated per 1000 lines.

Q. What if I want to contest the quality audit of my files?

A. You can send your doubts through ERSS. Our Quality Council will clarify your doubts. The decision made by the Quality Council will be final.

Q. Do I need to be online throughout the day?

A. Yes, you need to be online till you complete the work allotted to your id.

Q. How many characters make one line?

A. One line consists of 65 characters with spaces.

Q. Why do we need to fill the online schedule?

A. Online schedule will make it easier to manage your workflow. When you want to take time off or go on a vacation you must mention it beforehand so that necessary MTs can be allocated to dictators you transcribe for.

Q. What is the ERSS?

A. ERSS is our online issue management system for Home Based resources which allow you to resolve and track issues with support staff in E-Dictate.

By using the ERSS, you can:

1. Review an Issue that you have reported in the past
2. Report a new Issue
3. View and update your Personal Profile
4. View and update your machine details
5. FAQ Archives
6. Change Password

Q. How is quality audit conducted and how does it effect my payments?

A. Three percent (3%) of all your files for the month will be audited by the Quality Audit Department members. The audit is done post production. The average accuracy of the 3% files for the month will determine your final payment. This business is all about quality and consistency. Yes, you will be always audited by E-Dictate Quality Control Department If the monthly accuracy drops you will be penalized as follows:

Indirect Jobs (ie. Jobs sent for Proof Reading) : If the average quality of those jobs is less than 85%, your contract with E-Dictate may be terminated.

Direct Jobs: Your direct files will be tracked for EPTL (Errors per thousand lines).

Error per thousand lines (EPTL) rate means the number of lines of weighted total errors per Transcript, divided by the total number of lines in the Audited and multiplied by one thousand (1000).

              Total Weighted Errors as per Audit
EPTL = ( --------------------------------------------- ) X 1000
                            Total lines Audited

Error means spelling, punctuation and terminology errors. We follow the AAMT Book of Style Version 2. The errors are marked as follows:
Type of Errors Weightage Impact
Critical 2   Impacting Patient safety, Severely impacting customer satisfaction
Major 0.5   Impacting document integrity, moderately affecting customer
Minor 0.25   Mildly affecting customer satisfaction

Your Agreement details each type of error.
Based on your EPTL for direct work your payments will be adjusted as follows:



0-10    No Deductions

>10 <20

  30 paise reduction in monthly payment per direct line


   Indirect Line rate for all direct lines

More than two critical errors in any quarter will result in termination of contact and withholding of outstanding payment.