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Best Rates

Today, most transcription companies offer an opportunity to work from home.

E-Dictate is a pioneer in Home-based transcription and continues to be unique in many ways. Here is why:

  Best rates in the industry for HBA's (Source: IMTIA)

  Highly customizable and easy-to-learn transcription software with ability to work offline. Plug and Play Windows- compatible software developed by software team in Pune. Getting started is as easy 1, 2 and 3!

  Prompt payments through direct money transfer into employee's bank accounts.

  Professional training and support ensures rapid advancement and high earning potential from day one!

  Friendly work-environment with freedom to think, contribute and be a team player.

To be a part of E-Dictate HBA team, you need to be :

  Reliable with Commitment to work at least 40+ hrs per week
  Ability to produce 99% quality work
  Self-motivated and ready to work independently
Our payment schemes reward productivity and quality work. Our transcription rates are

   Nature of work

Rate per Line(Day)

Rate per Line(Night)

 Lines transcribed and sent for proofing

   ₹ 0.60 per line

   ₹ 1.00 per line

 Lines sent for blank busting (2 blanks per document)

   ₹ 1.00 per line    ₹ 1.50 per line

 Lines transcribed and submitted directly to the client

   ₹ 1.50 per line

   ₹ 2.25 per line

Additional incentives to Associate for processing MT+ Lines: 

   Greater than 20,000 and Less than 25,000 MT+ Lines

   ₹ 1.55 per line

   Greater than 25,000 MT+ Lines

   ₹ 1.65 per line

   Greater than 30,000 MT+ Lines

   ₹ 1.75 per line

Our rates on VRS platform are: 

   Slab (Lines per month)

   Rate per line(Day)

   Rate per line(Night)

   0 - 15,000

   ₹ 0.80

   ₹ 1.00

   15,001 - 20,000

   ₹ 0.90

   ₹ 1.10

   20,001 - 25,000

   ₹ 1.00

   ₹ 1.20

   25,001 - 30,000

   ₹ 1.10

   ₹ 1.30

   Above 30,000

   ₹ 1.20

   ₹ 1.40